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23.04. New website online -

23.02. Crossborder Cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013. Public call for strategic projects - No. 1/2008

10.09. September information days on Cross–border Cooperation Slovenia and Italy »Richness of Experiences«

07.07. Government Office for Local-Self-government and Regional Policy info day

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Various Documents

    This page collects documents that do not fit in common subjects:



    Vademecum for final beneficiaries

    Evaluation Reports

    Annual Reports

    Most of these documents are available in italian language only.


Cross-border projects between Slovenia and Italy [1911 kb]

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  • Selection of Project Proposals

  •     Barbara Repetto [183 kb]
        Joint Technical Secretariat

  • Modalità di compilazione scheda progettuale e allegati

  •     Leonardo Lenoci, Michele Becia [867 kb]
        Joint Technical Secretariat

  • Measure 2.2 Cross-border cooperation in the tourism sector

        Gianandrea Fumis [319 kb]
        Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

        Luca Rossetti [206 kb]
        Veneto Region

        Tatjana Rener [99 kb]
        National Agency for Regional Development NARD (Slovenia)

  • Measure 2.3 Cross-border cooperation in the primary sector

  •     Karen Miniutti [181 kb]
        Autonomous Region Friuli Venezia Giulia

        Giovanni Zanini [206 kb]
        Veneto Region

        Tatjana Rener [96 kb]
        National Agency for Regional Development NARD (Slovenia)

  • Twinning and institutional cooperation among municipalities

  •     Interreg IIIA Italiy-Austria
        Cristina Marcolin [331 kb]
        Technical Assistance INTERREG IIIA ITALIA-AUSTRIA

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    Vademecum on accounting

    This documetnt gives to final beneficiaries of INTERREG IIIA Italy-Slovenia Programme basic guidelines to prepare final accounts of expenditures.
    Given that it has been published after the beginning of the Programme it is indicative only for projects approved before October 2004. These projects wiil accout expenditures acccording to rules in force when the project proposal has been presented.
    Rules described in the document are compulsory for projects proposed in Friuli Venezia Giulia region and/or approved after October 2004.

    Vademecum [118 kb]

    Allegato [105 kb]

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    On the 14 of July 2004, the Service Communty Relations and European Integration, Managing Authority of the Programme issued the following explanatory circular concering management and control systems and audit trails.

    Explanatory Circular (italian language only) [521 kb]

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    Mid-term Evaluation Reports
    The Mid-term Evaluation of the INTERREG IIIA ITALY-SLOVENIA has been apponinted to A.T.I. CLES-ESA s.r.l. Rome.

    Evaluation design (October 2003) Italian language [408 kb]

    Mid-term Evaluation Report (December 2003) Italian language [653 kb]

    First Thematic Report (April 2003) Italian language [200 kb]

    Second Thematic Report (December 2003) Italian language
    [384 kb]

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    Annual Reports

    2003 (italian language) [332 kb]

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