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Monitoring Commette

    According to the provisions of Article 35 of Regulation EC No. 1260/99 the already established Monitoring Committee will continue with the following representatives: representatives of both Member States, including national, regional and/or local representatives.  The Commission will participate in advisory capacity. Participation of social and economic partners will be assured. The representatives of the environment and equal opportunities authorities will be chosen by means of direct consultations between members of the Italian Regions and of the Republic of Slovenia. In general, the principle of equal opportunities will be respected in choosing the Committee's members. Decisions shall be taken on an equity and unanimity basis.
    During the first meeting of the CIP Monitoring Committee, it decides on its own Rules of Procedure taking into account the institutional, legal and financial regulations of the Member States concerned and the EC. The Rules of Procedure include the tasks of the Monitoring Committee, frequency of meetings and the procedures for the performance of its tasks. It ensures the effectiveness and the accuracy of the implementation of the CIP.
    According to Art. 35 EC RE n. 1260/99 and to art. 28 of C (2000) 1101, the Monitoring Committee has the following tasks:

  • it shall confirm or adjust the PC, including the physical and financial indicators to be used to monitor the CIP, express a mandatory and binding opinion about the Complement modifications and forward them to the Managing Authority;

  • it shall verify the achievement of the objectives of each measure;

  • it shall periodically review progress made towards achieving the Programme objectives and examine its results, also through the approval of the annual and final implementation reports;

  • it shall consider and approve any proposal to amend the contents of the CIP and of the PC;

  • it shall propose to the Managing Authority any adjustment likely to improve the management of programme;

  • it shall approve the modalities for the submission of the projects;

  • it shall consider and approve any proposal to amend the contents of the Commission decision on the participation of the ERDF;

  • it shall consider the mid-term evaluation;

  • it shall consider and approve the annual and final implementation reports;

  • it shall approve the contract scheme concerning the mid-term evaluator;

  • it shall ensure the compliance of implementation and management with Community policies, by coordinating the actions to be undertaken by the implementing bodies belonging to the Monitoring Committee;

  • it shall approve the framework for the Joint Technical Secretariat’s tasks.

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    Steering Committee

        The Steering Committee will consist of representatives of both Member States, including national, regional or local representatives. Representatives of the Commission and, eventually, of the EIB, can take part in the activities of the Steering Committee as observers. As a rule, during the projects' selection phase, decisions should be made by consensus between the parts.
        The Steering Committee has the following tasks, according to the above-mentioned Communication C (2000) 1101 (see point 29):

  • it shall formulate directives for the Managing Authority;

  • it shall propose the criteria for evaluating and selecting the projects to be submitted to the Monitoring Committee;

  • it shall ratify the operations for pre-evaluating projects carried out by the Intermediate Bodies;

  • it shall select projects to be financed;

  • it shall examine the monitoring documents;

  • it shall consider the mid-term evaluation reports (Art. 42 RE 1260/99) to be forwarded to the Monitoring Committee, adding comments and formulating directives for the Managing Authority;

  • it shall approve the calls for proposals;

  • it shall approve operations under the technical assistance budget.

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    Managing Authority

        In order to meet the formal requirements envisaged by the regulations of the Structural Funds, the Guidelines for the Community Initiative INTERREG 2000-2006 and the  Practical Guide for Preparing New, and Amending Existing INTERREG III Community Initiative Programmes as a result of Enlargement and the Community orientations are to be considered. In accordance to these official guidelines:

  • a Managing Authority will be designated with an overall responsibility for managing the programme;

  • a National Authority will be designated as the national counterpart of the managing and paying authority in the partner state ;

  • an Intermediate Body will be designated for the implementation of the programme in the Veneto Region;

  • an Intermediate Body will be designated for the implementation of the programme in Slovenia.

        In order to ensure the development and the implementation of the CIP Interreg III A Italy-Slovenia, according to the provisions of point 25 of Commission Communication concerning the Community Initiative Interreg III, and of EC RE 1260/99, the already established Managing Authority (hereinafter referred to as the MA) will continue for the whole programme as agreed between Italy and Slovenia. The mentioned Authority is defined by art.9, letter n of Community Regulation 1260/99 as any public or private authority or body at national, regional or local level designated by the Member States to manage the Programme.
        At operational level, the implementation of operations is entrusted to the Directorates/Autonomous Services/Institutes and Organizations that are competent for each matter and act as intermediate bodies.

    Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region
    Central Directorate International,  Community Relations and Local Authonomies – Community Relations and European Integration Service

    via Udine 9
    34132 Trieste - Italy

    Director Francesco Forte

    Laura Comelli
    Tel. +39 040 3775974

    Piero Mussin
    Tel. +39 040 3775995


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    National Authority - Republic of Slovenia

        Since 1 January 2006 all tasks and assets of the National Agency for Regional Development (NARD) have been taken over by the Government Office for Local Self-government and Regional Policy (GOSP), in accordance with article 77 of the Law on Balanced Regional Development (ZSRR-1).
        Accordingly the development and implementation of the CIP in Slovenia is assumed by of the Government Office for Local Self-government and Regional Policy as National Authority responsible for the programme implementation on the Slovene territory, whereas the full responsibility for programme implementation lies with the MA. While implementing the programme INTERREG III A SLO/I, GOSP has the role of the Intermediate Body.

    GOSP Government Office for Local Self-government and Regional Policy, Slovenia
    Kotnikova 28
    1000 Ljubljana - Slovenia
    Tel. +386 1 4783670
    Fax +386 1 4313360

    Tanja Rener


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    Intermediate Body in Veneto

        At operational level, the Region of Veneto has such an organisational structure that the intermediate body can concretely perform its function and that a coordinated management of programming and of financial management can be ensured. The IB tasks at project level may be performed also by the regional directorates competent for each matter.

    Veneto Region
    Community Programmes Directorate – Interreg Service

    Dorsoduro 3494/A
    30123 Venezia - Italy
    Tel. +39 041 2791495-88-89
    Fax +39 041 2791490

    Director Flavia Zuccon

    Luca Rossetti

    Michela Masoch
    Joint Technical Secretariat


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    Intermediate Body in Slovenia

        The intermediate body tasks at project level will be performed by the GOSP central office with its Štanjel Regional Office located in the border region. The GOSP with its Regional Office will be responsible for the implementation of all measures of the programme in co-ordination with line ministries competent for each matter.

    GOSP Government Office for Local Self-government and Regional Policy, Slovenia
    Štanjel Regional Office

    Štanjel 1a
    6222 Štanjel - Slovenia
    Tel. +386 5 7318530
    Fax +386 5 7318531

    Tatjana Rener

    Olga Abram


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    Joint Technical Secretariat

        The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) performs operational activities, in particular according to the provisions of point 30 of Commission Communication C (2000) 1101, without prejudice to general responsibility of the MA, according to Art. 34 of the General Regulation.
        The JTS performs its activities under the MA. The employees of the Secretariat should come from all States involved in the programme, and all languages in the programme area should be covered. The JTS will is based in Trieste at the Regional Directorate International Relations and Local Autonomies – Service Community Relations and European Integration. One JTS member is based at the IB in the Veneto Region, and one Slovene JTS member will be based at the IB in Štanjel and on a temporary basis in Trieste.
        The tasks of the JTS include:

  • supporting the MA, Paying Authority, and Intermediate Bodies with the operational management of their respective tasks;

  • providing administrative support to the 2nd level financial control coordination group;

  • working as secretariat for the INTERREG III A Italy-Slovenia Monitoring Committee and the INTERREG III A Italy-Slovenia Steering Committee, including the preparation and dissemination of documents and of the minutes of the meetings (in the languages required);

  • drawing up the annual reports and the programme implementation reports (in the languages required);

  • receiving in electronic format project proposals and attributing the Interreg project number;

  • coordinating and collecting pre-evaluated applications from intermediate bodies, preparing the documents and evaluation reports  in order to submit the projects to the Steering Committee, and preparing the decisions of the Steering Committee in co-operation with the MA and the Intermediate Bodies;

  • arranging, upon indication of the MA, the distribution of project forms to collect project indications and providing the beneficiaries with information about how to fill in the mentioned forms;

  • making publicity, for example through the creation and updating of Web pages;

  • managing independent tasks and services such as, for example, interpreting, translation and evaluation services;

  • ensuring the organisation, the logistics and the interpreting service for all common meetings;

  • setting up regular maintenance and updating of the monitoring system of the joint project database pursuant to Art. 34 (1) lit. a for the entire INTERREG III A programme.

    Joint Technical Secretariat
    via Udine 9
    34132 Trieste - Italy
    tel.: +39 040 3775993
    fax: +39 040 3775907

    Barbara Repetto
    Head of Joint Technical Secretariat
    tel. +39 040 3775994

    Paolo Baldassarre
    Head of Monitoring Unit
    tel. +39 040 3775967

    Lorenzo Bigot
    Monitoring Unit
    tel.: +39 040 3775989

    Michele Becia
    Managing Authority support
    tel.:  +39 040 3775979

    Leonardo Lenoci
    Managing Authority support
    tel.:  +39 040 3775978

    Sonja Smotlak
    Managing Authority support
    tel.:  +39 040 3775993

    Roberto Brezza
    Paying Authority support
    tel.: +39 040 3775973

    Carmen  Candido
    Paying Authority support
    tel.: +39 040 3775977

    Elisa Milos
    Paying Authority support
    tel +39 040 3772531

    Roberta Nenzi
    Paying Authority support
    tel +39 040 377982

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